General terms and conditions

beschilderungskonzept beschilderungstechnik orientierungskonzept orientierungsmanagement
orientierungstechnik beschilderungsplanung beschilderungskonzept beschilderungs technik
orientierungs konzept orientierungs management orientierungs technik beschilderungs planung
orientierungsplanung orientierungsrichtlinien orientierungs planung orientierungs richtlinien

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Selection of applicable law, place of fulfillment, and venue:
Austrian law applies. The City of Salzburg is the venue.
Delivery terms
All of our offers are subject to change. Our order confirmation is also valid in the case where it varies from the customer’s order unless the customer informs us in writing to the contrary within 24 hours of receipt of our order confirmation. Alterations to the order made by the customer are valid only upon our written confirmation.  

Delivery dates
Small orders promptly after receipt of the initial payment for production costs.
Large orders within 4 weeks after receipt of the initial payment for production costs, unless a set date was agreed upon in writing.  

Choice of colors
For orders totaling 100 units or more, no additional charge for powder varnish coating in the RAL color of your choice or brass. Color selection is limited to RAL colors.

Small orders shipped in cardboard boxes via parcel post or BEX, large orders by express on pallets. All steel components and transparent panes come with easily removed protective films.  

With the merchandise, the customer also assumes liability for compliance with all trademark, copyright, and commercial regulations/directives for prints, photos, and charts used at a later date. We are not responsible for performing such a check.  

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© Fellner.Net Werbeagentur
Generalities, prices, delivery, deadlines, ...
These terms apply to all services and merchandise that we sell. The Sylvia Fellner Advertising Agency (Werbeagentur Mag. Sylvia Fellner) is the sole counterparty and accountant.

The following general terms and conditions apply to all of our deliveries and services unless other terms were arranged in writing. Deviations from the terms listed herein require the written form in order to be legally valid. The same applies to any waiver of this agreement.  

All negotiated prices are company or subcontractor net prices. All prices are in euros and do not include packaging, shipping, and insurance. If we are assigned the responsibilty for packaging, shipping, and insurance, the customer will be billed for these expenses. For shipments of merchandise abroad, the customer is responsible for payment of all duties, taxes,

All price in euros, ex works, excl. VAT, delivery, and assembly.

Initial payment to cover production costs
After the placement of the order, an initial payment of 50% of the total amount is due to cover production costs, and the remainder is due promptly after delivery. We are no longer obligated to fill any pending deliveries if the customer is in arrears in payment. Payments are only valid if made directly to us. Representatives do not have the right of collection. Interest on arrears, as specified in § 1333/2 ABGB, will be charged on late payments. Reminder charges in the amount of € 17 will be charged in the event that admonitions are necessary. Notification of defects does not entitle the customer to withhold payments. We retain ownership of the merchandise until complete payment of the purchase price or until settlement of all other accounts resulting from the business connection.

Galerissimo is a copyrighted product name of the Fellner Advertising Agency (Werbeagentur Mag. Fellner) and it is also claims the copyright on patterns, designs, charts, photos, layouts, final artwork, headlines, claims, texts, etc.  Third parties may not be allowed access to technical documents (especially production data), even for further processing or development, without written authorization (copyright).


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